This page answers some of the frequently asked question for this site. Just so you know since I blog, some of the answers are referred to my blog.


What is bitcoin?

Well if you are here in this site I really don’t expect this type of question anymore but just in case I did prepare an answer for you . It is a digital currency, check this post for simplified explanation: Bitcoin: My New Pal

How much can I earn?

Since this is a start up site we give from 10-100 satoshis per claim.

How long is the interval per claim?

10 minutes per claim.

Where can I see my Wallet Address?

You have to create a bitcoin wallet to get this. Here’s a list of bitcoin wallet providers I use: Get a bitcoin wallet here.

When can I receive my bitcoins?

All accumulated bitcoins is going to automatically be sent to your wallet address once you reached the payment threshold. Usually 30-60 mins upon reaching the minimum amount.

How much is the threshold?

10000 satoshis or 0.00010000 BTC

Is this legit?

Yes, this faucet is made possible by APIs and Plug-ins by 99bitcoins.com and FaucetHub.io

How safe it is to use?

First of all we don’t ask for any personal information, it only ask for your bitcoin wallet address which is technically a public address and posted on blockchain(online transaction ledger) whenever you do transactions. Any private keys are not required to claim bitcoins from this site. For your reference here are some links you can read : BitcoinTalk.org(Forum)

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