New bitcoin faucet with high referral commissions

Hello World, Welcome to My Bitcoin Faucet

Good day fellas! I’ve been wanting to re-launch my bitcoin faucet since the FaucetBox had stop running. Apparently, I didn’t have time to research again how to build one. Finally, I was able to make one again. 

This has been launched at the middle of October 2018. If you see at the bottom of the claim page, we haven’t completed a payment yet. That is only because we have few users at the moment. 

So to grow this number of users, I increased the referral commissions from 10% to 50%. This will run for the first three months. If it’s worth it to keep it at 50%, then I’ll leave it that way.

I am really aiming for this to be one of the highest paying bitcoin faucet. I would really appreciate if you would help us spread the word by sharing your referral links and start earning.

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2 thoughts on “Hello World, Welcome to My Bitcoin Faucet”

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